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Victoria Healy: When even a ‘hello’ is excruciating

Victoria Healy: When even a ‘hello’ is excruciating
Veronica Ridge

Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Victoria Healy:  Hello

Reviewed by Tim Richards

For all our big-city sophistication, there’s a vulnerable moment we pass through almost every day – when we say hello.

It’s a moment ripe with awkwardness and the fear of rejection, and it’s this uncertainty which Victoria Healy makes the focus of her show.

Energetic and brash, Healy runs us through some of her more infamous encounters, and how they went wrong.

Star of these is Serge, the homeless Russian service station attendant whose accent convinces her he’s a romantic wanderer.

Healy emphasises her wariness of first impressions, particularly with celebrities, and addresses difficult greetings such as the dreaded kiss on the cheek.

A sequence where she borrows an audience member for a prolonged hug workshop is a sheer delight, breaking down barriers between performer and audience.

Assured and inclusive, Healy is someone worth getting to know.

Runs to 20 April 2014 at the Imperial Hotel, 2 Bourke St, Melbourne. Tickets $15-$18, book via comedyfestival.com.au.

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